Trade Advisory

Trading has never been simpler

Receive advise on Free Trade Agreement (FTA), import and export regulations, trade document requirements, HS product classification and other trade information at your fingertips.

Find the recommended HS Codes for your product

Search HS Code of various products with ease by using simple description of the product.

Learn about export or import requirements for specific product

Products will have different export or import requirements in different countries. With CIA Trade Advisory, user will learn about the export and import requirements for the product.

Learn more about Trade Documents

Broaden your horizon on trade documents required for international trade with sample document attached as reference.


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Address your shipment concerns

Track & Trace your shipment around the world. Receive important news on various port.

Track your shipment and get alerts for shipment delays

Ease your concerns on your shipment by tracking it around the world and receive notifications for shipment delays.

Receive important news on various ports

Understand the possible reasons for your shipment delay or influence your decision on shipment destination by keeping yourself updated with important news related to various ports (e.g. Port Congestion)