BINAL integrates its TOSS System with CALISTA intelligent advisory to provide customers trade compliance information to 180 countries

Binal Team

Integrating BINAL's TOSS System and CALISTA intelligent advisory is just the beginning. We hope to continue with this collaboration and in time, integrate more of GeTS' solutions to provide more value-added services to our customers.
- Aoyama Shinji (Managing Director, BINAL Asia Pacific)


BINAL's Trading Office Supporting System (TOSS) is a comprehensive shipping documentation and invoicing solution. BINAL strives to maintain its position as one of the best-in-class international logistics systems by constantly exceeding customers' expectations. Through system integration CALISTA intelligent advisory, BINAL's customers can seamlessly search for HS/tariff code and relevant trade compliance formalities when they are preparing their trade documents on the TOSS system.

What was BINAL Looking for?

As one of the best-in-class international logistics systems, BINAL is always on the lookout for partners with solutions to complement TOSS System in order to provide a more comprehensive and integrated solution for their customers. These solutions had to be relevant to their customers' demands and easy to use while complementing their existing TOSS system.

Why choose CALISTA intelligent advisory?

CALISTA intelligent advisory is an AI-driven solution that provides users with up-to-date information on trade formalities in over 180 countries. CALISTA intelligent advisory value-adds to BINAL's TOSS System in providing customers with preferential duty/tax information, customs control information and guidance in leveraging Free Trade Agreement (FTA) when preparing trade documents on TOSS System.

What BINAL liked about CALISTA in particular?

System integration can be tricky. Yet, for optimal user experience, it is crucial for TOSS users to interface with TOSS. CALISTA is equipped with API integration which allows for easy setup and configuration. This greatly reduces the time spent and minimises bugs that may arise during the integration.

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